Psychotherapy Online


Psychoanalysis can be initiated through on line sessions in Greek and English language for the person who is willing to start psychoanalysis and the physical presence cannot be supported yet. If someone has the desire for psychoanalysis, then online sessions can be offered on agreed time and with agreed cost, to overcome the barrier of distance.

I studied and worked in London.
I decided not to complete my Phd in Clinical Psychology being so much more inspired by Lacanian Psychoanalysis (School of the Freudian Letter) that it was hard to find excuses for not following my desire to work as a psychoanalyst.
Being trained in a variety of settings, the encounter with “madness” in the psychiatric hospitals of Greece and Cyprus were the ones more significantly affecting my faith to the ethical direction of psychoanalysis.
Someone can start psychoanalysis for any difficulty related with life and for any purpose that could function as a milestone for the individual’s path towards freedom and responsibility.

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